Saturday, 8 August 2015


Time to upgrade my Minecraft to premium :D

Friday, 19 June 2015

What is that!!!!

It's called a Madagascar hissing cockroach. They are an exotic pet that you can legally own. They cost from $0.25-$3.00.
That one is called a tarantula. They normally sell for about $15.00.
This one has been named the Emporer Scorpion. They are sold for a cheap price of $20.00. 
These and more animals are commonly classified as "Exotic Animals". 
The question is, should people be allowed to keep them?
Personally, I believe that they should be allowed to as long as: 
  • The person has all of the equipment for the animal
  • They live in a proper environment
  • They know as much as they can about the animal
And all of the other stuff that any animal owner needs to know. 

Here are some others:

Bearded Dragon- $100.00
Sugar Glider- $200.00

Hedgehog- $300.00

Skunk- $500.00

Capybara- $600.00

Fennec fox- $1,500

Kinkajou- $2,000
Serval- $2,500
Wallaby- $3,000
(NOT a kangaroo.)
Squirrel monkey- $8,000 (for babies)

Those are just a few. There are a lot more that you can get. Check out this site for more.

Parents vs. Privacy?

Are parents invading their kids privacy when they post pictures and videos of them on social media?

To me, it would depend on the picture/video.

If there was a video of me at something like the school talent show, that might be fine.
If my mother somehow got a video of me singing, that would be a problem.

I think that the parent should at least ask the child if they could post the picture/video on social media. Unless not posting it would harm one of the two parties.

For the second one, let's give a scenario. Jen's mom found a video of Jen saying that she was really depressed because of bullies, and school, and stuff like that. I won't go into too much detail, but Jen's mom found it a big deal. She didn't want anything to happen to Jen. So, she posted it on Facebook.

Jen's mom didn't ask Jen if it was okay, but she thought that Jen needed help. If Jen's mom had asked, Jen would most definitely said "no". But, because she didn't, and she followed her gut, Jen got the help she needed.

That is, in my mind, one of the few cases in which it would be okay to post something of your kids on social media.

But, that's just parents. What about friends or siblings who do some of the same things?

That's just a thought. I'll probably be making a post about it soon, though.

Does the High School matter?

Our teacher gave us a list of topics to blog about, and I felt that this one was the one I could relate the most to.

How much does it matter to me which high school I attend?

I think it matters, but not a whole lot.

This is my reasoning:

  • I like the high school that I am going to, because I am familiar with the layout. I know my way around. 
  • I do not want to go to a public school, for reasons that I am not really sure of myself. 
  • I want to go to a school that is easy to get to from my house. 
  • I want to go to an English speaking high school. 
    • Earlier in the year, I had wanted to go to a french high school, so that I could become more fluent in the french language. That idea was washed away because I felt that it was going to be quite difficult. Instead, I am going to take 4 years of french at an English speaking high school. 
  • I would prefer to go to a high school where there is a good reputation. 
  • I like the fact that I already know most of the teachers. 
  • I know lots of people, and they weren't in my grade 8 class.
These are the main reasons why I like the high school that I am going to. Why it matters to me. 

If there was another school with all or most of these, I might consider going there too. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

~Julie D

Okay, I've decided that since no one will EVER be commenting on my blog, that I am just going to go ahead and make some decisions.

  1. If you are reading this, and you've read it more than once, PLEASE TELL ME WHY YOU ARE NOT COMMENTING. I AM GOING CRAZY HERE. 
  2. I will be using the 1st signature for the end of each blog. I've decided I don't like the 2nd one. 
  3. I will not be asking for your opinion anymore. If you want to share something, please just do it. I'm getting tired of asking and getting no response. 
That's really it. 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

~Julie D

I think I may have a picture to use.

But, I also have a different one too.

Let's put it to a vote!!

Which one do you like better?

#1, or #2?

Leave a comment telling me your vote!!

Smartphone, or Smart- NO!

Do you think that kids in elementary and high schools should be allowed to use their phones in the classroom??

I have mixed feelings about this topic, and I am going to talk about the points for both sides.

Red is for, and Blue is against.

  1. We can use apps such as the calculator, notes, reminders, and the internet browser for school related purposes. 
  2. We might use apps that we don't need during class that might distract us, such as messenger, and social media apps (Instagram, Snap chat, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). 
  3. It is tidy and organized, and all there. 
  4. We could lose/forget our phones. 
There are a heck of a lot more reasons, but I'll juts stick with these for now. 

If you have any opinions, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.

~Julie D

Boys and girls in the same class, or not?

Do you think that boys and girls should be in different classes, or even schools?

I don't, but that's just me.

Here is my reasoning:

  • If we were constantly separated, we would never learn to be fully comfortable around people of the opposite gender. 
  • We would try harder and harder to be with them, and we would do it secretly.
These are just two of the reasons. Yes, when learning about certain things, the class should be separated, and that would make it a lot easier, but that's not the point. 

This isn't going to be one big shpeal, but I do want to make my point and get it out there. 

If you have any views or opinions on this, PLEASE COMMENT. 

~Julie D

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

~Julie D

As of now, I will be adding a "signature" at the end of every post. Until I can work it all out with a picture, I will be typing it.

~Julie D

Textbooks Or Chromebooks?

That is the question. But what is the answer?

Do you think that our school's textbooks should be replaced by Chromebooks?

Some people strongly believe that textbooks are the way to go, whereas others believe that Chromebooks are the better choice.

I, personally, don't believe that either side is right. I think that there is a valid argument for both. Chromebooks keep us organized, but they also keep us relying on electronics. Textbooks require less at home, but they are not as fast.

Chromebooks let us have the whole world at our fingertips. Textbooks give us only the relevant information.

Chromebooks allow you to do multiple things at the same time. Textbooks don't require an internet connection.

I guess that schools should use both, like we do.

There is good and bad to both, but I still want you to leave a comment telling your side!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The WOMEN's world cup?

As most of you know, the women's world cup is happening right now. There a lot of things in the news about this Hope Solo, but I'm not going to talk about her. I'm going to talk about the Women's World Cup.

That is my problem with sports. There is the NBA, and there is the WNBA. There is the NFL and the WAFL. (National Football League and Women's American Football League.) Like women aren't good enough to be included with men. The general sport is men... And then there are women.

Why can't the two just play on one team?

The only sport I've ever seen where people of opposite genders play together is badminton. There is girl's singles, boy's singles, girl's doubles, boy's doubles, and mixed doubles.

And that is only 1/5, which is okay-ish.

Any other sport, boys and girls (depending on who's playing) have to stay on the sides.

Please leave a comment telling me how you feel about this!!

Monday, 8 June 2015

I'm mad.

I am getting really mad. I have 36 posts, 690 page views, and 0 comments. The whole point of this was to get your input, but so far, nothing is happening.

If you have any opinions on ANYTHING, anything at all, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. DO IT FOR THE  UNITATO.

Friday, 29 May 2015

VE Day`

  Not long ago at all, May 8th to be exact, was the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2. My great-grandfather fought in the Vietnam war (I think). My grandpa also was in the US Navy during the Korean war, and my dad was an Air Cadet when he was a kid. There is a lot of military based stuff in our family tree. I, myself, am in Sea Cadets, which you would know if you had read my blog before. I am also considering joining the Canadian Armed Forces, specifically the Navy.
  I do not know much about WW2, but I do know that this war was because of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust. This was when Hitler was "in charge" of Germany, and he was trying to create the perfect race. He thought that white Christian males were the perfect race, so he would kill anyone who was not part of that, and anyone else who got in his way- regardless of who they were. 

Did you know that Hitler was actually Jewish? 

There was a girl who found out that her grandfather was Hitler's "right-hand man". He would have killed her. 

That is really all I know about WW2, 
other than these 2 things: 
  • A Jewish girl named Anne Frank, who hid, but was eventually killed
  • Tons of other Jewish people were killed by:
    • Mass shootings (Pretty self-explanitory, right?)
    • Gassing trucks (Where they would suffocate.)
    • Extermination camps (Where they would be put into gas chambers to inhale gas and other harmful chemicals.)
What information, stories, or anything else do you have to share about the holocaust? Please leave a comment!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Muskoka Motto

What do you think this motto means?

"You don't have to be the best, 
             You just have to do your best." 

Personally, I think that this motto means that you don't have to be #1 in everything. You don't have to wake up first
every morning, you don't have to be the best dancer, or anything else like that. You just have to try. It's okay if you 
get 2nd, 3rd, or even last in a race- as long as you tried. It's okay if you wake up a bit late- as long as you tried. It's
okay, if you aren't a good dancer- as long as you tried. As long as you try and have fun, Muskoka will forever be a 
positive memory for you. 

Muskoka vs My thoughts

I am feeling very anxious, worried, scared, excited, and a load of other feelings about Muskoka. I am nervous to go, nervous to think about it, nervous about every single thing even remotely related to Muskoka Woods. I hope I don't have a panic attack or embarrass myself while we are there. The activity that interests me the most is "the big swing" or "ziplining" because it is all we are talking about, and the suspense is KILLING ME! The activity that interests me the least is waking up in the morning. JUST LET ME SLEEP, WILL YA?!I

A story I once heard about Muskoka was from my brother. It's really a short story, but it has given me a bit of hope. All it really was was he had a choice to either go zip lining or he could go on the big swing. His hand, or thigh, or knee, I don't remember. Anyway, he couldn't go zip lining because of the "injury", so he went on the big swing. He said that the experience was amazing and that it was so much fun.

Although I am terrified to go to Muskoka, that story has given me the hope that it should all be okay. That I will come back still in one piece. That I won't come out of my cabin, having forgotten my pants. That I won't fall asleep and wake up to find a mustache has been drawn on my face, or a spider (Rubber or real) on my bed. That I won't get lost in the woods or a bunch of other horrible possibilities. This story makes me believe that everything will be...

Alright.  =)

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Muskoka Woods.

Every year, all of the grade 8 classes in our school board go on a "graduation trip" to Muskoka Woods Youth Resort- or as I like to call it, Muskoka. Our class is leaving next week, on April 28th. The main reason we do this, is not for fun, it's not for "physical training" (Although there is a lot of both!), but it is to show us how to be leaders. 

If you click the second link below, you will find a route to Muskoka from Windsor. (It will take almost 5 and a half hours to go the whole 564 Km). If you do not want to do that, I will list the major cities (in order) that we will be passing.
Some of these cities listed are not that big, so I won't be putting "major city" before each one. I shall instead underline the name of each "big" city.

  1. The first place we go is to our school itself. We have to be there at 3:45 in the morning, because the buss leaves at 4:00. (I, myself, am planning to arrive at 3:30... afterwards, I shall sleep on the bus!) 
  2. The second stop is at another school- the one that will be riding on the bus with us. 
  3. The first city we pass by is Lakeshore. The drive here will take about 35 minutes.
  4. The next city we pass is Chatham-Kent. We are now about 1 hour into our drive. 
  5. This next city, we don't actually pass through, but we do pass by St. Thomas. We are about 2 hours in. 
  6. The fourth city is Woodstock. By now we are already 2 hours and 20 minutes in. 
  7. Next is Kitchener. 3 hours has passed since we were in Windsor. 
  8. There are a lot of smaller cities, such as OakvilleMississauga, and Brampton, but the next major city is Toronto. The drive from Kitchener to Toronto takes almost a full hour (3 hours 45 minutes total). 
  9. VaughanRichmond Hill, and Newmarket make the total so far almost 4 complete hours. 
  10. From there to Barrie makes the drive 4 hours and 15 minutes. 
  11. Finally, from Barrie to Rosseau (Where Muskoka is located), makes the whole trip there last 5 and a half tired, slow, boring hours. 

Click here if you want to go to the Muskoka Woods website.
Click here if you want to see a route from Windsor to Muskoka.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Wait, What?! Did I really just watch that?

Our class heard a story and watched a video about a 15-year old girl who was body slammed.
I was like, "Wait, what?!?!"
Like, why do people think that this is okay?

Watch this video. I'll be putting comments where & how I reacted.

0:06- Another? How many of these things do they show?
0:11- Oh. My. Gosh.
0:22- Wow. Um... Okay?
0:28- Did he seriously just walk away? Wow.
0:35- Is she okay? Why isn't she moving?
0:40- 15? Unconscious? Hospitalized? This is not cool. This is really, really bad.
0:50- If it really was that simple, I don't get why it mattered so much that she be thrown to the ground! (Sorry, I'm mad!)
0:56- Me either.
1:07- Wow. That's kind of how I felt, too.
1:13- Wow. I totally agree. How do people think that this is okay to do to someone? It's not. I hate it.
1:25- I feel for that woman who tried to take his hood off. Why doesn't he just show his face and take responsibility for the horrible thing that he has done?!
1:58- Is she seriously saying that it's someone else's fault that they didn't try to stop it? That they saw what was going to happen and didn't try to hold him back? Is she seriously defending him? No, that's not cool. No one else can take responsibility for his actions, except for him!
2:06- Yes, because that will make everything better! (Not.)
2:11- At least she'll get better. That's the only happy part.

These are just my thoughts.
Comment what you think!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Let's Catch Up!

I realize I haven't been doing this for a while, but I do have a lot on my plate.


No, but seriously, everything on that plate is what I have on mine.

  • School
    • I have had homework involving three heavy textbooks the past three days. NOT FUN.
  • Cadets
    • Our corps just moved to the new building-- Not going so smooth. 
      • Band sucks-- most of the people aren't there on most days
      • We can't really do anything on Saturdays there
      • We are banned from upstairs 
  • March Break 
    • My sister had her 18th birthday... 
      • ...and a party...
      • I went out with my parents for the evening! 
      • >:( 
      • That wasn't fun either. 
    • I wanted to be able to just... I guess, veg out, but... 
      • I had to clean my room
      • I had to do my chores 
      • I couldn't watch T.V. 
      • I couldn't go outside 
  • Sickness
    • My grandmother is in the hospital with stage 4 lung cancer. 
    • She's not coming home. 
    • She had lived in an apartment before she went to the nursing home, so we had to get all of her stuff out. 
    • There are boxes among boxes of her stuff at our house. 
  • Mom
    • See that mom up there with all of the arms? That's my mom, except without the baby. And instead my grandma is there. 
      • My mom will always take her laptop with her to see my grandma, and it kind of makes me mad. Almost all off the homework we have now is on the computer, and that is the only one that is not deathly slow. 
So yeah, that's what's been happening. 

Do you have any ideas for a post? 
Let me know!!

Comment or e-mail me @ 

    Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    Cat Videos

    Cat Videos are like the funniest thing on earth. 
    I genuinely love them.
    They are so awesome, you don't even know. 
    They are HILARIOUS!!!
    OMG. I love cat videos. 

    From Valentine's Day Loneliness to Finding a cure

    Is anybody else really lonely when it comes to Valentine's Day? I know I am. I would really just love to lie on the couch, watching Netflix, and eating conversation hearts and Twizzlers, but I can't. I never can. I have chores to do, parents that will yell at me if I don't do them, a room to clean, and so many other things that I just do not want to do. I just wish that one day of each year, just one, I could be able to do, really just nothing. Only what I wanted to do, and when I wanted to do it. Now, you may be thinking, "Well what about your birthday?" No. That is not the way things work when my parents are involved. Sure, I can postpone my chores, and other things like that, but I still have to do them. I still have to do my homework. No, our house is not a total... whatever, I mean, we still get presents and stuff like that, but it's not really any reason to worship me or whatever. My parents really just see it as the day that I was born, and that's it. Unless I do something really amazing, like finding a cure to a disease, and then we would celebrate the date of my birth because, well, without it I wouldn't have done it. That sort of thing.

    Don't Trust Squirrels

    I wrote a story for a class assignment, and I thought it was pretty good. It is titled, "Don't Trust Squirrels". I thought you might want to read it, so...

    Here it is!!

    Don’t Trust Squirrels

    “Wake up Rebecca!” Chico, my owner, cheers just inches from my face. “It’s time to see Silvana!”
    Silvana is the name of my vet. I always dread the day that I see her. Thank goodness I only have to do it once a year.
    I crawl out of bed, and over to my food bowl. Empty... I think. It’s never empty? I look at Chico and whimper.
    “Oh, come on” She sighs, “Let’s go. You should know by now that you can’t eat before getting in my car, you’ll ruin the leather!”
    Yes, I do, but I forget every time. I realize that it would be very bad if I ate before we left, but I really should be allowed to. She should know by now, I get cranky when I do not eat, and even more so when I have to be put in that stupid carrier. Therefore, a combination of the two are very bad.
    I get in the car, and right away Chico turns the radio on- loudly. I try yipping in disapproval, but I think she got the wrong message from it, because she turns it up louder. I thought that was bad, but then Trumpets by Jason Derulo came on, and she started singing to it. I spend the rest of the ride in agony.
    When we finally get to the clinic, we have to wait a long 20 minutes to go in. Once we do, Silvana greets me with, “Hello Rebecca! How’s my favourite patient doing?” I know she says this to everybody, so I growl at her. I don’t want to be here. Not now, not ever. She picks me up, and places me on the table. She starts rubbing my fur, opening my eyelids, shining a light in them, looking around my ears, and then she picks me up again and places me on a large piece of metal the humans call a “scale”. She looks at the front, then writes something on a piece of paper. After the examination is over, we quickly leave. I think Chico sees that I am not very happy.
    Once we walk in the door, Chico starts yelling at me. “You were not very behaved today Rebecca!” She scowls at me as she grabs my leash, “Come on! Let’s go!” She puts my leash on, and we walk out the door.
    We start walking down the block. It’s really quiet, which is nice. A few cars pass by, and no distractions. We are at the end of the block and are about to turn around the corner, when I see a small animal. It looks like a squirrel, light brown with white stripes. Instinct kicks in, and I find myself running. I hear Chico screaming, and a honking horn. I see a truck out of the corner of my eye, and the next thing I know I am laying helplessly on the ground.
    I feel a sudden shake, and I see Chico crying. I hear her saying something, but I can’t quite make it out. All I get is, “You’ll be okay Rebecca. You’ll be okay.”
    Silvana comes in to give me some water. What is she doing in my house? I wonder. I look around the room, and realize that this is not my house. We are in the clinic. I have a bandage wrapped around my middle. Silvana is talking, and I hear her say, “You can go home now.” I love those 5 words.
    We get back, and Chico decides to take me for a walk. I look outside, and see a squirrel. I do not want to go. Chico can see this, and doesn't even open the door.
    “Alright,” She says, let’s watch T.V.!” She turns on Dr. Phil, and I fall asleep.

    Tell me what you think in the comments below! Thanks. =D

    Thursday, 12 February 2015


    Boys are weird. Boys are crazy. Boys are gross. Boys are amazing.
    God probably laughed his head off when he created the first 13 year old boy.
    Boys are the most obnoxious creatures in the world.
    That's all.


    I love writing stories. They are just so amazing. They are kind of like this blog, but different. I can do whatever I want with his blog, I can write stories too, but actually writing a story that is longer than 3 paragraphs is amazing. I can transform the whole thing in two pages. I can introduce a new world every chapter. I can write the story that I want, no matter how long, short, crazy, funny, or sad it is. I can do the things that I want. I can do whatever I want, because it is my story. I may not be even close to the best, but that doesn't matter. It is my story. I don't care what others say, because it does not matter. It is my story.

    Wednesday, 4 February 2015


    Last week, a fellow classmate of mine asked me why the title of my blog is "Bleh". I answered, and thought that the information might be useful to you as well.

    When we first started these blogs, I wasn't at school like everyone else. I was at home, sick. Laying on the couch, watching Netflix. It would have been an awesome day, if it hadn't been for the running to the bathroom every couple of hours part. The next day when I came back, I asked a few people "What did I miss? What do we have for homework? What do I have to do?"
    They all said different things: "Math, pg. 180, #3-5" "French, ask Sir for the worksheet we did" "Reading book- Read chapter 5." But they all said one significant detail of the homework from that day: "Blogs".
    I was absolutely befuddled. "Blogs?" I thought, "What blogs?"
    I asked a friend, and she said "We all started making blogs." I asked her how, and she laughed and said "With the blogger app on Google!"

    None of this made any sense to me, mind you. I said to my friend that sits next to me, "Okay dude. I'm lost. Can you help me out with this blog thing?" So, he helped me find the blogger app, and voila! I clicked it, and started making it.

    Now, we come to "Bleh".
    (This part is really simple)

    I really didn't want to start this blog, but I had no choice. I was having a bad day, and I just felt... bleh. So, that's what I named it. How I was feeling. But, after a while, I started to like the blog, and blogging itself. I've only had this a few months, and I already have about 20 posts, and over 500 page-views. I guess I just kept the title, because it reminded me how I felt. It's also kind of funny, and it goes with the theme of this blog. (Or lack thereof!)

    Sunday, 1 February 2015

    Concert Night

    I went to see the killers last night, live in concert with the rest of my grade 8 class. It was absolutely exhilarating! I didn't have the best seats though, but I didn't really care much. I was not about to spend $400 on tickets that I'm only going to use once. I was all the way in the back, so I wouldn't have been able to see anything if it hadn't been for the socket-burning spotlights! Seriously, how do they even see their own feet in that blinding light?! And the sound, it was SO loud! I could actually feel it! I was sitting next to my friend Moira G., and she kept complaining to me that it was too loud for her, that she couldn't even hear herself breathe! My other friend, Tammy L. was also sitting next to me, and she was saying that it wasn't too bad. Moira leaned over me and yelled, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" The two of them started having a debate across me, shouting. I, of course, had to go to the bathroom. I got up, and accidentally hit both of them. I apologized, and told them that they "had better be finished by the time I get back!" As I was walking, There were so many people yelling at me to get out of their way so they could see them, but I just ignored it. It took me 10 minutes to get out of the crowd of people, and then I had to go looking for the bathroom. I had noticed that it had become a lot cooler, that I was sweating before. Now it was fine. I like it like this. I finally found the bathroom, after another 10 minutes. After I finished my... business, I walked back in the direction that I came from my seat. I felt nice and cool, and then once I walked into the seating area, I felt a rush of hot air. I started sweating, and I really didn't like it. I took a few steps back, and it felt cool again. I could still see the band, and I knew where the rest of the class was, so I decided to stay. Once they finished up, and everyone started to leave, I walked in and ran to find the rest of my class. I got a bit lost in the crowd, and I saw my teacher walking out with the rest of the class. He probably hadn't noticed that I was gone, which I guess was a good thing. I ran out the nearest exit, not even trying to chase them. I saw a few exit signs and direction arrows, and they led me outside. I walked out the doors, and there were just a bunch of cars and some people leaving. I was at the back. I turned right, and started running, because it seemed like the shorter side. I got to the front, and I saw a big yellow bus- all the way at the other end. I sprinted, which isn't the best thing for my asthma. I finally got there, just as they were walking onto the bus. I was panting, and wheezing, and I could barely breathe. I didn't bring my inhaler, because I wasn't planning on running when we were here. But I was handed a water bottle, I started breathing slower, and I was okay. They did attendance to make sure we were all there, and we left. My teacher still does not know to this day, and I wish to keep it like that. 

    Check out Moira G.'s blog!

    Thursday, 29 January 2015

    Mash Ups.

    So many songs sound really good, and I love them. But, when you take a bunch of songs from the whole year, and mash them all up together, they sound really Amazing!
    I love just going on Youtube and searching for a mash up, and just listening, and listening.
    Listen to these mash ups, they are all really awesome.

    Pop Danthology 2010
    DJ Earworm 2010
    Pop Danthology 2011
    DJ Earworm 2011
    Pop Danthology 2012
    DJ Earworm 2012
    Pop Dantology 2013
    DJ Earworm 2013
    Pop Dantology 2014
    DJ Earworm 2014

    These are only two people who did these. There are a lot of others, but these are my favorites.

    I love these mash ups. They are really wonderful. You will too. Maybe not all of them, or all of the songs in them, but you will definitely love the mash ups themselves. The people that do these are truly gifted. I know I would never be able to do what they did with these songs.

    Wednesday, 28 January 2015

    Chewing Gum??

    This is a letter sent to my friend Moira G. after she gave me Onion and Garlic Flavored Chewing Gum. This is a work of fiction. None of the events in this letter actually happened, it is just for fun.

    Dear Moira,

    Thank you a whole lot for giving me that onion and garlic flavored gum yesterday! I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVED it! It was very kind of you to give me something that you bought from the homeless man that lives in the dumpster! It was probably very hard and expensive to get. I would very much like to let you know, that I soon will be returning the favor! Maybe next time you find something like that, you should keep it for yourself, so that you can see just how wonderful it is! Why, I am very surprised that you did not tell me what flavor it was! For if you had, I would have taken the whole thing from you! That is a very lovely flavor! Because you have been so nice to me, I will be very nice in return, and I will go find a bird poop flavored lollipop for you to have! I swear, you will DEVOUR it! Actually, you will love it even more, because I will buy you four bird poop flavored lollipops for you! In fact, if you eat all of them at the same time, you will love it much, much more! I promise you that this is true. I hope you have a good sleep tonight!



    Check out Moira's blog at

    Monday, 26 January 2015


    Piano music is one of the most beautiful things in the world. When I listen to it, I feel like I am in another world. Nothing can bother me, and I just want to feel like that forever. It is amazing. Once the dreadful moment when the song finishes comes, all I want to do is press play again and just listen, and listen, and listen, and listen, and listen, and listen...

    Friday, 23 January 2015

    Muskoka Woods

    I imagine that Muskoka Woods will, obviously, be in a wooded area. I suspect that there will not be comfy beds like there are at home, and I also can guess that there will be not a whole lot of storage space, or living space for that matter. This will mean that I need to pack very lightly, which for me is still having to sit on top of my suitcase to zip it up. I really hope that we do not have to wake up at 6:00 am everyday, although if we do, there is nothing I can do about it. I can probably say for sure that there will not even be 2 star cuisine. I think the food will be something like as if I made it, which is not the best. Whenever I have to make my own dinner, I usually re-heat leftovers, cook frozen pizza, or open something in a can and make that. It's not what you want for Sunday dinner. Trust me. I do not think it would be as awesome as if I could be at home on the couch watching Netflix, but I do think I will enjoy it.

    Tuesday, 20 January 2015

    Silver Carp

    Watch the first 30 seconds of this video.
    These fish are awesome! I do realize that all of the things in this video they say are against these fish, like them messing up the food chain, and them being dangerous, but they do do quite a few pretty cool things. Like, jumping out of the water, laying a MILLION eggs a year, and growing at alarming rates. And, apparently, they are "ZOMBIE-LIKE-CREATURES". If you put them in a box, full of ice, for several days, then throw them in the water, they will swim around like nothing happened. They are harmful, but you have to admit, they are pretty cool. 

    Sunday, 18 January 2015

    A picture tells a thousand words, #5- Isabella

    Dear my love Isabella, 

    The people were mad at me. They tried to put me in jail. They could not do it. They made me confess what I had done to all of the city. I told them where, when, and how much money had been stolen. The people all got together, and decided to give me the death sentence. This is a very poor country. The way we give people the death sentence, is by taking two cows, tying their tails to the person's hands, and making the cows run across the middle of a lake. The person will either die from drowning, or they will have their hands ripped off, or they will simply die from starvation. This was the sentence I was given. I will die tomorrow, most definitely. I would simply like to tell you, I love you. 

    Your dearest, 


    A picture tells a thousand words, #4- The escalator's journal

    The escalator goes up. Up, up, up. Never down. The other, goes down. Down, down, down. Never up. This is the journal of the up escalator.

    Entry 1: I look at my brother, and I watch him as he goes down. Down, down, down. Never up. Always down. He looks so sad. He is never happy. I want to help him, but we will never see eye-to-eye, for I go up. Up, up, up. Never down, always up.

    Entry 2: I tried to talk to him today. It didn't work, He went down, and I went up. We saw each other less than a minute later, and he didn't remember my question. You see, not too long ago, we found out that he has short term memory loss. He can't remember too much, so it's really hard to communicate with him.

    Entry 3: Today, he was crying. Not just a little tear, rolling down his cheek, but a genuine sob. He sounded like he was going to die. Today, two years ago, mom died. Just after we were born. He always gets like this. First, it was for a whole month, then it stopped for a while. Then, it was every Tuesday. Then, every 15th of the month, and then it stopped. Then the day came again. It started, again. And this cycle restarts every 15th of January. I tried talking to him, but he never listens to me. if he does, he forgets it 10 seconds later-or at least pretends to.

    Entry 4: I'm getting worried. He will not stop crying. He does not talk about it anymore, normally he does. I don't think this is about Mom. I'm scared.

    Entry 5: I think I know why he is acting like this. Today, I overheard one of the workers talking. They are going to replace us with elevators. They will save space, and that way they can put more merchandise out, sell more, and make more money. This might be my last entry.

    Entry 6: One of the worker-men came in today. He measured us, and did other things to us. He kept touching me. I don't like to be touched. I grunted to let him know how I felt, and he looked st me everywhere, and told the manager we had to go. Today.

    End of Journal

    Thursday, 15 January 2015

    A picture tells a thousand words, #3- Arm wrestling

       My name is Lance. His name is Russel.
       He was my best friend. We had known each other since before we were born- our mothers were friends too, they went to collect water everyday together. We grew up together. We would practice hunting with our fathers together, while our sisters would get the water with our mothers together. Our families were the same, in so many ways. My mother was the same age as his mother, and the same went for our fathers, sisters, and ourselves. We were always doing things with each other. We played games, went on hunting trips, and lied in the fields together.
       Once we got older, we started going to school. There were only boys, no girls. Girls weren't allowed to go to school. Every few hours of doing work, we would get a small break. We had to stay in the classroom though, and there wasn't much to do there. Two of the boys went to the single wooden table in the middle of the room, and started to arm wrestle. One more boy saw them, and started cheering for his friend. Then, very quickly, the rest of us came over and started to cheer. Once one of them won, two more people would sit down, and do arm wrestle.
       After a few days, no one was doing it anymore. They started exploring the rest of the room for things to occupy them. Once in a while, two boys would sit down and play a game, but no one would arm wrestle anymore. This kept going on for 3 years, and then she came.
       She was part of a program that was trying to see if girls should be allowed to come to school. A lot of the boys were mean to her. They spit at her, pushed and kicked her, and wouldn't talk to her ever, unless they were swearing.
       But not Russel. I wasn't so comfortable, but he was. He forced me to become friends with her, so I did. It was really awkward at first, but then it became a real friendship. After a while, I even started to like her.
       But she didn't like me. She like me as a friend, a best friend even, but she liked Russel. I would see her wink at him during class, and during break they just would sit in a corner of the room and talk. I was mad at him, very mad. I stopped doing everything with him- walking home, hunting, studying, playing games, and even lying in the fields.
       He didn't seem to care. He had her. After she had been there for 1 year, more girls came. But he didn't seem to notice. All he cared about was her. They started walking home together, studying, and playing games. I even saw them lying in the fields together. They also taught each other things that only girls or boys should know. Like hunting, collecting water, and picking berries. At first she had only known how to fish, and catch rabbits, but soon it escalated to cows, pigs, and chickens. I was outraged.
       In all the years we had been at that school, the two of us had never arm wrestled once. Finally, one day, I challenged him. The winner would stay as they were, but the loser would lose the one thing they loved most. For me, it was my family. For Russel, it was the girl. He took the challenge.

       They got married 10 years later.

    Tuesday, 13 January 2015

    A picture tells a thousand words- #2: Mama bird finds food

    A young baby bird named Pico was very, very hungry. 
    "Mama!" Pico called, "I want food!"
    Mama bird sighed.
    "Pico!" She called to him, "What do you want?"
    Pico thought for a minute.
    "Mama!" he exclaimed, "I want cake! The baker has cake! Go get the cake from the baker in town!"

    Mama bird flew into town. She flew to her left, she flew to her right. She could not find the baker.
    She saw a group of seagulls in the park. She flew to them.
    "Hello seagulls!" She said as she smiled. "Would you happen to know where the baker is?"
    The seagulls looked at her, confused.
    "The baker!" They yelled, "The baker! The baker!" and they all flew away. 
    Some help they were... Mama bird thought as she started to slowly walk away. 
    Then, one of the seagulls came back.
    "Follow us!" He said loudly, "We'll show you where the baker is!"
    Mama bird followed the seagulls. 
    The baker was a fat man. He had frosting on his cheeks, which meant that he probably ate one of his cakes. 
    Maybe he eats all of the cakes he makes. Mama bird said laughing. 
    She flew over to him. 
    "Mr. Baker! Mr. Baker! I need a cake for my Pico!" She said as she smiled.
    The baker looked at Mama bird, and all of the seagulls. 
    "AAH!" He yelled, "Get out! Get out! Shoo! Shoo!"
    He lunged for a nearby broom, and started whacking the birds with it. 
    "Go away! Shoo!" He cried "And don't come back!"

    Mama bird flew back home.
    "Mama! Mama!" Pico giggled, "Did you bring the cake?"
    Mama bird sighed, "No Pico, I couldn't get any."
    "That's okay!" Pico smiled at his Mama, "We can have honey!"
    Mama bird was confused, "Where can I get honey?"
    Pico laughed at Mama, "The bear has honey! Go get honey from the bear in the cave!"

    Mama bird flew to the cave. She flew high, she flew low, she could not find the bear. 
    She saw a little moth. 
    "Hello moth!" She said as she smiled, "Would you happen to know where the bear is?"
    "The bear!" She shook. "I can show you where the bear is."
    "Good!" Mama bird was relieved, this was going to be so much easier than last time. 
    The moth flew into the cave. Darker, and darker it got. Mama bird was scared, but she didn't say anything, she was doing this for Pico. 
    Mama bird heard a loud sniffing. 
    "Who's there?" A loud voice huffed.
    "I-I-It's me! Mama bird!" Mama bird trembled, "I've come to get honey for my son, Pico!"
    "What!" The bear was outraged, "Nobody takes my honey!" Then he made a loud growling noise, scaring Mama bird. 
    "Alright then!" Mama bird said, holding back tears of fright and worry, "I won't bother you anymore!"

    Mama bird flew back home.
    "Mama! Mama!" Pico giggled, "Did you bring the honey?"
    Mama bird sighed, "No Pico, I couldn't get any."
    "That's okay!" Pico smiled at his Mama, "We can have seeds!"
    Mama bird was worried, "I don't want to go confronting a large animal that will try to eat me, Pico! Do you understand? Can we just have regular worms tonight?"
    Pico smiled at Mama, "The seeds are very close Mama!"
    Mama bird was getting annoyed, "How close Pico? Are they with the cat? The snake? The owl?"
    Pico laughed at mama, "No Mama, look down!"
    "What?" Mama asked.
    "Down Mama!" Pico chuckled, "Down, on the ground!" 
    Mama looked down, and sure enough, there was a pile of seeds on the grass. 

    Friday, 9 January 2015

    A picture Tells a thousand words- #1: The man with the gun

        "Class, I would like to introduce you all to Delaney."
       That was almost 2 years ago. I was 9 years old. We had just moved to a new city, it was my first day at a new school.   The neighborhood was not the greatest, to say the least. They almost never let us outside. The only reason they did was because it was required that each child be outside for at least 5 minutes a day, weather permitting. This was completely new to me. At my old school, we had outdoor recess every day, even if the temperature was below 0. We even went outside when it rained. To us, rain was the best thing in the world. Nothing could keep us inside those doors once a drop of water fell from the sky. Here, rain was frowned upon. Everyone hated it. At the slightest mention of rain, or snow, everyone tried to change the subject.    But not him. He loved the rain. He would go outside, and just twirl around in it. Some of us would laugh at him, whereas some of us look away in disgust.

      I thought it was amazing.

       That is, until we saw the man with the gun outside the schoolyard. There he was, dirty, and disgusting. We all started banging on the window, shouting at our teacher. He saw us, smiled, and continued twirling. We were crying, shouting, and banging so loud, the whole school heard us. Some of the students from the other classes joined us, and finally everyone in the building was joining us, banging on the windows, crying, and shouting.

       Then he saw us, finally realizing what was happening. 

       Slowly, he turned around. The man with the gun had come closer, and was now face to face with our teacher. 

       What all of us were seeing did not feel real at all. It felt like a dream. Our teacher, on the playground, in the rain, face to face with the man with a gun.

       The man was old, gray beard, wrinkled skin, even a cane. His face was quite a sight: One of his eyes was squinched; the other was dark green, and threatening. His mouth was crooked sideways, always in a frown. His gray hair was hidden under a grimy brown hat, and his face was covered in dirt. He wore an old overcoat, like the one my grandpa used to keep in his attic. His shoes were old boots that went up to his calf, which was hidden by dark burgundy pants, which I could not see much of, because his overcoat was covering most of it. 

       The man put the gun up to our teacher’s head. He mumbled a few words to him, and waited. Our teacher said something back, but obviously the man was shocked by it, because he threw him on the ground.

       “Say that again!” He shouted. “And louder this time, so EVERYONE can hear you!”

       “Just do it quickly!” He said “Just get it over with, so no one has to suffer.”

       Then he looked me in the eyes, and said 2 words, Thank you.

       I fled. Away from the window, away from the classroom, away from everyone and everything. The whole school was quiet, and then we heard shots.

    One. Two. Three.

    My mother drove me home that afternoon; it was raining all the way there.

    Monday, 5 January 2015

    Bae and Me Stories #2-Fight me, don't kiss me.

    This will be the 2nd story that my friend and I have written together. I hope you all like it! :)

    So, I was working out in the weight room in my basement, and my personal trainer came in and started yelling at me because he thought I couldn't keep going, so I got really mad, and fired him. He was a bit angry at first, but I just walked away saying "haters gonna hate!" And he sneaked up on me and screamed in my face, so I simply shouted back at him to "Just shut up!", and then he was yelling at me that I should "fight!" him, and I just wanted to end it all, so I slowly walked over to him, rested my hand on his shoulder, and kissed him. He was shocked, but after a moment, he started crying. I was just done with everything that was happenning, so I left. I crawled into my bed, and had a very strange dream. I dreamt that there were two men, who made a plan to steal a golf-cart. They succeeded, and as they were driving away with it, a robot glanced over at them, and did what no other robot can do, it fell in love.