Friday, 29 May 2015

VE Day`

  Not long ago at all, May 8th to be exact, was the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2. My great-grandfather fought in the Vietnam war (I think). My grandpa also was in the US Navy during the Korean war, and my dad was an Air Cadet when he was a kid. There is a lot of military based stuff in our family tree. I, myself, am in Sea Cadets, which you would know if you had read my blog before. I am also considering joining the Canadian Armed Forces, specifically the Navy.
  I do not know much about WW2, but I do know that this war was because of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust. This was when Hitler was "in charge" of Germany, and he was trying to create the perfect race. He thought that white Christian males were the perfect race, so he would kill anyone who was not part of that, and anyone else who got in his way- regardless of who they were. 

Did you know that Hitler was actually Jewish? 

There was a girl who found out that her grandfather was Hitler's "right-hand man". He would have killed her. 

That is really all I know about WW2, 
other than these 2 things: 
  • A Jewish girl named Anne Frank, who hid, but was eventually killed
  • Tons of other Jewish people were killed by:
    • Mass shootings (Pretty self-explanitory, right?)
    • Gassing trucks (Where they would suffocate.)
    • Extermination camps (Where they would be put into gas chambers to inhale gas and other harmful chemicals.)
What information, stories, or anything else do you have to share about the holocaust? Please leave a comment!