Friday, 19 June 2015

Does the High School matter?

Our teacher gave us a list of topics to blog about, and I felt that this one was the one I could relate the most to.

How much does it matter to me which high school I attend?

I think it matters, but not a whole lot.

This is my reasoning:

  • I like the high school that I am going to, because I am familiar with the layout. I know my way around. 
  • I do not want to go to a public school, for reasons that I am not really sure of myself. 
  • I want to go to a school that is easy to get to from my house. 
  • I want to go to an English speaking high school. 
    • Earlier in the year, I had wanted to go to a french high school, so that I could become more fluent in the french language. That idea was washed away because I felt that it was going to be quite difficult. Instead, I am going to take 4 years of french at an English speaking high school. 
  • I would prefer to go to a high school where there is a good reputation. 
  • I like the fact that I already know most of the teachers. 
  • I know lots of people, and they weren't in my grade 8 class.
These are the main reasons why I like the high school that I am going to. Why it matters to me. 

If there was another school with all or most of these, I might consider going there too. 

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