Friday, 19 June 2015

What is that!!!!

It's called a Madagascar hissing cockroach. They are an exotic pet that you can legally own. They cost from $0.25-$3.00.
That one is called a tarantula. They normally sell for about $15.00.
This one has been named the Emporer Scorpion. They are sold for a cheap price of $20.00. 
These and more animals are commonly classified as "Exotic Animals". 
The question is, should people be allowed to keep them?
Personally, I believe that they should be allowed to as long as: 
  • The person has all of the equipment for the animal
  • They live in a proper environment
  • They know as much as they can about the animal
And all of the other stuff that any animal owner needs to know. 

Here are some others:

Bearded Dragon- $100.00
Sugar Glider- $200.00

Hedgehog- $300.00

Skunk- $500.00

Capybara- $600.00

Fennec fox- $1,500

Kinkajou- $2,000
Serval- $2,500
Wallaby- $3,000
(NOT a kangaroo.)
Squirrel monkey- $8,000 (for babies)

Those are just a few. There are a lot more that you can get. Check out this site for more.

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